Monday, January 30, 2012

Thoughts on Blogging

It's been a notably long time since I properly posted, and as I think long and hard about the act of blogging I wonder if my expectations for this are different from the truth.

I love writing, but when it comes to writing a blog, I struggle.  I love crafting, but when I get caught up in the social media of it all, I find myself stressed and seeing it as a job.  Makn't e no mistake -- I genuinely want to share my work and view the work of others, but I wish I didn't have to sit behind a computer to do it.

Since crafting a blog and twitter for Lenore Lenore, I've been avoiding work.  It's been a flurry of "what will my readers want" and "what will make this brand popular".  All in all, I think I've lost myself in this trek to get a store online.

I don't want to give up blogging, tweeting, sewing, or knitting.  But I think I need a new approach -- making the things I love first, and figuring out how to present them second.  I don't want to look at a sewing project and think "what pictures of a process can I take to blog about this later".  I just want to do it, and if I take photos, awesome.  If not, there's always the finished result.

I haven't had this blog long, but already it's a learning experience.  I need to be me, not someone else.  And in order to do that, I need to find my own methods, instead of trying to copy someone else's and hope I learn to love it.  So often I see people complain about how they need to "update their blog", but the best blogs are by those people who really seem to enjoy it.  I want to find that bliss with this blog.

Interestingly, of all the posts I've made on this blog, this was the one that came easiest.  I have no one to impress with this, I'm just trying to understand.

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